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Killswitch – Documentary Trailer (Official) from Akorn Entertainment on Vimeo.

Official “Killswitch” documentary film website.

Currently streaming on Netflix.

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not my prez tee

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T-shirt for men. Trucker hat. Coffee mug.

Developing. More to come. More designs, more products. But voila: introducing the upside-down T.

Inspired by the upside down flag as a symbol of distress, and always leaning minimalist, what better than an upside-down T? Even better, what it looks like.

These 41 Democrats need to be tied to the back of a horse and dragged from one end of the city to the other over and over again.

Fuck you, Congress. Fuck you, Senate. Fuck you, Dick Cheney.

The horses will have to wait for the offending Democratic senators.

Altogether, fuck the Democrats. They can’t keep their own in line? Fuck the cat-herding simile. This government is fucked.

American Civil Liberties Destroyed

. . . I still have faith in the American people.