Buy @ Zazzle. T-shirt for men. Trucker hat. Coffee mug. Developing. More to come. More designs, more products. But voila: introducing the upside-down T. Inspired by the upside down flag as a symbol of distress, and always leaning minimalist, what better than an upside-down T? Even better, what it looks like.

 Apr, 07 - 2003   no comments   friendsnice wordsradio : news and analysis on the American invasion of Iraq from Russian journalists and military experts. See also: for more on the Russian perspective. Thanks to Philip Shropshire and his Changesurfer Radio interview for the nods. (Also, thanks Philip for your kind mention of me in said interview!)

 Apr, 28 - 2002   no comments   bruce sterlingmenloramanice wordswilliam gibson

A Benediction from the Pope 03.18.02 Man oh man, “Dr. Menlo.” Now there’s an alternative blog. Kindness to animals, Seattle anarchists, nudism galore, SubGenius, anti-Bush black propaganda, jeez louise, Doc, that thing sure is happenin’. I first heard about Bruce Sterling about 6 years ago when reading a collection by Timothy Leary. Leary interviews William […]

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