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Thanks to celebrity vegan chef and ubergoddess Isa Chandra for the link.

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“When your vagina smells like garlic and your garlic smells like vagina, it’s ready.” – Isa Chandra

I love Isa Chandra. Fuck Anthony Bourdain.

(Also, Dr. Menlo now tweets.)

The Post Punk Kitchen: Vegetarian Cooking & Vegan Baking with No Attitude

Welcome to the Post Punk Kitchen. We are a vegetarian cooking show on public access, airing in Brooklyn via BCAT (Brooklyn Community Access Television).

We’ve always loved cooking shows but they tend to be gross. So we thought it would be nice if there was something watchable for vegetarians. And people who may not have fancy accoutrement. (Please say that word in a french canadian accent because it’s funnier that way). [more]

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