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Killswitch – Documentary Trailer (Official) from Akorn Entertainment on Vimeo.

Official “Killswitch” documentary film website.

Currently streaming on Netflix.

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Daryl Hannah Takes On Big Oil

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Viva Montessori!

Anything is better than the US educational system, which, as we all know, was designed to keep us ‘uneducated and docile.’

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One Laptop per Child

See the 60 Minutes segment on One Laptop per Child.


From Every Village Green

Taking place tommorow all over Maine, the Every Village Green movement was organized by a humble coffee roaster from Bar Harbor. The term ‘village green’ seems to have migrated to New England from old England, where the fight still goes on. Adding a ‘green infrastructure’ to the open spaces mix, Seattle plans ahead.

Lafayette Judge Steps Down In Protest of New Marijuana Law