(A Sneak Peak @) Malcolm Saves The World! A Satire

malcolm comes from 'far, far away'
Malcolm comes from ‘far, far away’

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present: Malcolm Saves The World!

A novel, a satire.

Malcolm Saves The World!

Malcolm is not from here. He is from far, far away. He has just 30 days to save Earth from imminent global warming disaster, or as he calls it: ‘global roasting’.

He has superior alien tech, of course, but he has a handicap on this mission: he can’t kill anybody. He must do it systemically. So he takes the form of a human and . . .

To be released in 3 parts, the first in a couple weeks. An excerpt:

Malcolm Saves The World!
A Satire
By Moss Menlo

Carl Sagan, 'groovy marijuana enthusiast'

0.1 | Intro Beat

In the “Pale Blue Dot,” Carl Sagan asserts no one is coming to save us.

Carl was a genius, global science elucidator, groovy marijuana enthusiast and an overall beautiful man way ahead of his time — but he was wrong about that. 

Malcolm came.

Part 1 | Introducing Malcolm: Just Another Wacky Alien Visits Earth/Fish Out Of Water Story
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