mean people suck

mean people suck

PETA One-Ups Burger King, Releases Gore-Scented Body Spray

“Most cows killed for fast-food burgers are castrated and branded without any painkillers, fed a diet of hormones and antibiotics, and often transported to slaughter without food or water in all weather extremes,” reads the PETA press release. “At slaughterhouses, they are strung up by one hind leg before their throats are cut and their skin is pulled from their bodies-sometimes while they are still conscious.” [more]

Mean people suck.


Dogs Attacked With Fireworks: “Six puppies were killed, apparently by fireworks placed in their mouths, shortly after teenage boys were seen carrying Roman candles in a north Tulsa neighborhood.”

George W. Bush Killed Frogs With Fireworks: “Old family friends talk about how Dubya, as a kid, used to stick firecracker up inside frogs, then toss the frog into the air and laugh when it blew into a ball of red and green pieces.”

Young Dr. Frist Sliced Up Cats: “He had some advanced ideas about a medical breakthrough, and they’d run out of cats to dissect at the medical school, so he’d go to animal shelters, make goo-goo eyes at a cat at each shelter to get them to let him adopt the shivering strays, take them home, and then perform experimental surgery on them.”

Dick Cheney Slaughters Birds In A Barrel

Arnold Wanted Animal Shelter Strays Killed Faster

The “Sociopath Triangle”: pyromania, bed-wetting and cruelty to animals.

“They say he’s a sociopath because they don’t know what else to call him. He has some of the characteristics of what they call a sociopath. He has no remorse or guilt at all. And he had the first and worst sign – sadism to animals as a child.” – Thomas Harris, Author of Red Dragon