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November 13, 2016
by Dr. Menlo

Not My President T-Shirt

Buy @ Zazzle. T-shirt for men. Trucker hat. Coffee mug. Developing. More to come. More designs, more products. But voila: introducing the upside-down T. Inspired by the upside down flag as a symbol of distress, and always leaning minimalist, what … Continue reading

Naked Sunbathing Is Good For You

June 6, 2016 by Dr. Menlo | 0 comments

“We’re meant to be naked and outside just like every other animal.” – Erin Volentine

Erin’s Youtube Channel: “eat healthy. live healthy. be happy.”

See more: ErinVolentine.com

Seeds of Permaculture – Tropical Permaculture (Full Film)

March 30, 2014 by Dr. Menlo | 0 comments

See also: The Panya Project, Seeds of Permaculture and We The Trees

Movies like this make me feel proud I am doing what I am doing – my own personal permaculture project in the woods. Especially when I miss Seattle (often). But now the sun is out, and I have several things growing including mangos!