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YOGA: A Religion For Sex Addicts

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Evan Daze has been threatened with a lawsuit for linking: Vee Speers.

Which only leads us to proclaim, of course: Vee Speers, Vee Speers, Vee Speers!

More Patriotic War Posters!

And furthering the warblogger-mullet connection:

Ah-hah! So two can play at that "So Let's-Take-The-Silliest-Looking-Person-Of-Your-Entire-Point-Of-View-To-Embarass-The-Rest-Of-You" game!

(pic by way of gordon coale by way of dratfink)

US Soldiers in Iraq Asked to Pray For Bush

Dear God, please help George Bush in his holy quest to get more oil. I know that I am doing everything I can, including leaving my family behind possibly forever, facing death, hunger, sand storms and more, killing enemy soldiers and occasionally the civilian, too (I don't intend to! Honest to God, but combat is confusing, Lord, and can rouse the inner demon that is hard to control!) . . . I don't know how much more I can sacrifice for Bush, Lord, but if you give me a hint, I will certainly try. And just because the Republican-led House last week voted to cut veterans health care and benefits programs by nearly 25 billion over the next ten years, I know that doesn't mean that Bush doesn't love me, really I don't. He does--he just wants me to work harder for my health care, that's all. Maybe I can take a second a job at Kwiki-Mart when I get back in order to get me back some of them benefits and health care! Thank you Bush for making me be such a hard workin' honest man! Now, I'm gonna get back to the front lines now to help you secure your oil fields, sir, because I know you deserve them! And I know if you had another chance to be in the military and not go AWOL again, you'd do it, mister Commander-In-Chief! Ok, back to God: thank you God for another day. Thank you for having the Supreme Court install brave Bush into the White House and send us out here on this mission from you--I know the Pope is full of it, haw haw--You're talking to Bush, not the man with the funny hat, aintcha?? God Bless America, and God Bless George W. Bush!!!

It could happen?

courtesy of abuddhas memes: now with added everything

A Contrast In Tactics

Tactic #1: All Bets Are Off

For years, small groups of activists have taunted police during political demonstrations, even tossing an occasional plastic water bottle or toilet-paper roll their way in hopes of provoking an aggressive response. But this time, instead of halting at the police line, the protesters gathered together and surged forward, phalanx-like, using their banners as a battering ram against the line of startled cops.
Tactic #2: How To Take Back America
Marching in the streets is important work, but wouldn't we have greater success if we also took control of the United States government?

. . . Thus, many progressives are suggesting that it's time for concerned Americans to reclaim Thomas Jefferson's Democratic Party. It may, in fact, be our only short-term hope to avoid a final total fascistic takeover of America and a third world war.

Well, as much as I can empathize with the passion of the frustrated-turned-hardcore protestors in Oregon, I have to say that I believe that that tactic will only give the authorities what they want: an excuse to go police state on your bottom. Now, when in column A they are pushing within the new Patriot Act II to be given the right to revoke a US citizen's citizenship if found to be linked with a 'terrorist' organization, and in column B they're attempting to label environmentalists and peace protestors as 'terrorists'--then you have waiting in the wings of the synthesis a US of A that is not the land of the free at all, but the land of martial law and the virtual return of the Sedition Act.

On the other hand, the idea of infiltrating and taking over the currently defunct Democratic Party I found to have a certain and unexpected delicious appeal--first of all, we would give the walking papers to all the politicians who signed off on Bush's Empire Now! plan, and then we could seek the Bush junta's trial at the Hague, right after we enter the US into the World Criminal Court and resurrect the United Nations with a prolonged bout of diplomatic romance. Then we would seek to transform America into the leader of the world again--but this time not of blood, bombs, and bullshit, but of a secular humanist generousity intent on spreading health to humans, flora and fauna all around the world with a special emphasis on resurrecting the ALL PEOPLE ARE CREATED EQUAL CLAUSE, meaning NO GREEDY RICH ASSHOLES PREFERRED.

"Daschle, here's a box for your personal belongings. Fill it and get out. We'll send along your spine when we find it."

"Lieberman, we're trying you for the crimes of ethnic cleansing in connection with your unfailing efforts to support and fund the terrorist organization known as the IDF in their ongoing genocide against the Palestinians. Your police escort has arrived."

"Hilary, we're evicting you for the crime of lending comfort and aid to war criminal George W. Bush. Your political career is over. Who am I? I'm sorry your butler failed to announce: Dr. Menlo is in the house.

"The House of Representatives."

Israelis Trained US Troops In Jenin-Style Urban Warfare
If the US army believes the road to Baghdad lies through Jenin, there is reason for Iraqi civilians to be concerned. During fighting in the Jenin refugee camp last April, more than half the Palestinian dead were civilians. There was compelling evidence that Israeli soldiers targeted civilians, including Fadwa Jamma, a Palestinian nurse shot dead as she tried to treat a wounded man. A 14-year-old boy was killed by Israeli tank-fire in a crowded street after the curfew was lifted. A Palestinian in a wheelchair was shot dead, and his body was crushed by an Israeli tank.

Israeli soldiers prevented ambulances from reaching the wounded and refused the Red Cross access. Using bulldozers, the Israeli army demolished an entire neighbourhood – home to 800 Palestinian families – reducing it to dust and rubble.

Martin van Creveld, a professor of military history and strategy at Jerusalem's internationally respected Hebrew University, has told reporters that, following his advice to US Marines, the American military bought nine of the converted bulldozers used in the Jenin demolitions from Israel. [more]

See also: Jenin Jenin, the film.

Bush Administration Readying For 2004 Invasion Of Iran

Who's gonna stop this empire?

All of us. The world will stop this handful of evil men.

Where were you when the mass murder in Baghad began?

Let's not mince words. Let's not parrot their carefully crafted and mendacious wording; language is the unseen front. The US has begun the massacre of Iraqi civilians in order to overthrow their leader and steal their oil. Regime change, my ass--I'll take mine with merlot and truffles. Meanwhile, here in the States, our civilian safety has just gone down the storm pipes with a jet pack on. Now we need to worry about terrorist attacks and martial law. The US has crumpled the UN Charter and tossed it in the shredder. Now as I write this President-Select Shrub is on the radio lying his ass off--can he say anything at all that's true? He wouldn't know how to begin to tell the truth. He would attempt to describe the color of a fire truck and end up with spit on his chin. Fucking motherfucker--how dare you steal the US election, snub all forms of international law, declare war on affirmative action, cheap AIDS drugs, the US economy, safe sex, clean air and water, commit the US military to civilian massacre and still get up in front of the American people and lie your despicable ass off. Andy Rooney said last Sunday on 60 Minutes that Americans shouldn't hate their presidents. Andy Rooney is a senile fool. I hate mass murderers. I hate George W. Bush.

If Armageddon isn't reached soon I predict America will recover from the sociopathic rule of Boy King Bush. The world will recover. Hold on. Lick your wounds. Mourn the dead. Spread the word. But most of all plan to build a true world coalition which will never again let a lone dictator like George W. Bush slip through their collective fingers and threaten the world with unbelievable and murderous fundamentalist madness. I'm buying a world flag this weekend to hang on my wall to help with my hope, to help with my vision of an alernative global mythos. I will continue with my meagre web activity. I will continue to tell anyone who cares to listen in my own life (and to some who won't). We lost the battle to stop this mass murder but--Eris help us--we won't lose the war. Peace. Nonviolence. Love. These are the most powerful memes of all. Embrace them and fuck them. Shave your bush.

Keep fighting. I love you all.

This is Pagan Moss!

Yes, Pagan Moss from our very own Sensual Liberation Army!

Formerly of the Lusty Lady in Seattle, and yes, my gf, she is pictured here backstage at a recent fashion show here in Seattle at the Catwalk sponsored by Fantasy Unlimited. (She didn't know it would be so goth or she might not have gone for the schoolgirl look . . . ) Click on the pic for a gallery of the show!

(p.s.: soon Pagan will be taking a digital camera to the peep show she works at now and uploading them daily to SLA! I look fwd to it, too!)

dr. menlo's revolution radio

(no folk music.)

Newly added to the mix: the new Beastie Boys anti-Bush/war tune "In A World Gone Mad," Erykah Badu, Howard Zinn, Bob Marley, some hardcore drum & bass from Adam F., Alexander Cockburn, 3 from Louis Armstrong--"We Shall Overcome," John Lennon's "Give Peace A Chance" and "It's A Wonderful World" with a spoken word intro that addresses legitimate criticism of such a worldview, Gil Scott Heron, Public Enemy and much, much more! Plus more to come as well! Including short pieces from one of my favorite satirists: Terry Southern. I think you have to register to listen but it is free, just click off a popup if it occurs! Always feel free to write to me if you have any ideas, criticisms, etc. . . . this is, of course, still a work in progress . . . happy listenin'!

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US Announces New Ally: Harvey

March 13, 2003 - THE WHITE HOUSE - Today Colin Powell announced a powerful new US ally in the war on Iraq: Harvey. "He's big, he's mean, and he's invisible." Colin Powell told reporters. "This kind of ally can do significant damage over there."

Colin Powell then told the reporters that they could ask Harvey questions, but since Powell was the only one who could hear Harvey, he would have to translate Harvey's responses.

Helen Thomas raised her hand and was immediately escorted to the hallway ("for her own protection"). Colin Powell, after consulting his list, called on Jerry Braun from the AP. Jerry asked, "Harvey, which do you prefer, french fries or freedom fries?"

The room laughs. Colin laughs, too, then nods as he listens to Harvey's response before saying, "Freedom fries, of course. With lots of ketchup."

The White House press corp laughs harder. Some wipe tears from their eyes.

Colin looks at the list again and then calls on Mary Watanabe from the Duluth Herald. "Harvey, as we all know, Saddam Hussein is hoarding enough weapons of mass destruction to turn our beautiful big earth into nothing but a radioactive desert for millenia to come. So, even though you are aided by the heroic beyond-all-ability-to-describe US military, aren't you at all concerned for your safety?"

Colin bows his head slightly while he listens, this time his brow furrowing. "Yes, great question. Well, I love this country, enough to die for it. And I love the innocent civilians of Iraq, as well. That's why I'm willing to die to liberate them as well from the murderous dictator known as Saddam Hussein. So, there you go."

Colin raises his head and calls on another reporter from his list.

Joe Coleman from CNN asks: "Harvey, since you're invisible, will you be sent on a mission which can best utilize this ability? Namely, the assassination of Saddam Hussein? And I have a followup question."

Colin listens for a minute and then responds, "I can't talk at all about my missions right now, Joe. Let's just say that whatever I do, I do it for freedom, I do it for America, and I do it for God." Colin pauses and then asks for the followup question.

Joe: "If you're back by Easter could you come over to my house for my little daughter's Easter party? Perhaps we could paint your fur so that you could be seen--you'd make so many kids very happy."

Colin listens then, "I'd love to, Joe. Right after the Hero's Welcome Parade. The only thing I look forward to more than seeing newly liberated Iraqis jumping up and down in the street for joy because now they are free to develop their own democracy--after envying ours for so many years--is coming home to a Hero's Welcome here in America. Especially the parade in New York city to welcome us back with love, cheers and thousands of patriotic streamers!"

Colin then calls on Mimi Applegate from USA TODAY. Mimi: "Harvey, I don't have a question but a comment: WE LOVE YOU HARVEY!!!" The room cheers. [Coincidentally, this became the headline on the next day's issue of USA TODAY.] Russell Mokhiber raises his hand to ask a question and is immediately escorted out into the hallway ("for his own protection").

Colin thanks everyone for coming and relays to them Harvey's last words: "God Bless you, and God Bless America!" before closing the press conference by leading the White House press corp in a rousing recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. Many wipe tears from their eyes. The end.

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Alice Walker Arrested For Peaceful Protestin'

. . . also arrested: Medea Benjamin of Global Exchange and Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!, founders of Code Pink.

See also: DC Indymedia, Nina Utne's Code Pink weblog & the official Code Pink website.

I also happened to come across this really wonderful profile of my heroine Amy Goodman:

Peace Correspondent

I love Amy Goodman. Love her.

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police carry away a nude war protestor in Santiago, Chile

Announcing the debut of the New World Disorder Magazine!

Using such filters as interviews, theory, investigative articles and art, New World Disorder Magazine will document, decode and create the fissures and cracks in what passes for consensus reality as it fragments deliriously speeding towards whatever singularity or apocalypse awaits at the end of time.

Contents include:

Confusion is Next: An Interview with R. U. Sirius

Cyber-visionary and altered-statesman R. U. Sirius discusses weird drug trips, radical politics, his new book Counterculture Through the Ages: From Abraham to Acid House and answers the eternal question: “What do you like better? Hot dogs or hamburgers?”

Room 55, the Hotel van Onna, Amsterdam

Wisdom’s Maw author Todd Brendan Fahey recounts an incredible night in Amsterdam in which he encounters the Great Cosmic Overmind and its infinite wisdom and grace.

The Pope of Chaos Magick’s Address: An Interview with Peter Carroll

Chaos mage and writer Peter J. Carroll ruminates on such topics as sigil casting, Saddam, the new dark age, artificial intelligence, aliens and how the hell does a wizard earn a living and maintain individuality in this age of materialism and mass conformity?

Manifesto in Hypertext

Radical writer and blogger Dr. Menlo’s revolutionary manifesto about the perpetual struggle from liberation and tyranny … in the age of the internet.

Psychedelic Spirituality, the Manchurian Candidate and Electromagnetic Terror: An Interview with Todd Brendan Fahey

Far-right operative and gonzo journalist Todd Brendan Fahey raps with NWD about psychedelics and their relationship to religion, spirituality and personal change, how he was possibly electromagnetically zapped for revealing that John McCain may be the Manchurian Candidate and mind-bending strangeness at the Moonie-owned New Yorker Hotel during the disinfo.com convention.

The Bomb

Krishna, Oppenheimer, the bomb, the illusory nature of matter and a conflicted 20-something intertwine in Chris Eaket’s play about a writer’s quest for self-actualization.

Generation U and Lifestyles of the Cloned and (In)famous

New World Disorder editor Jason Lubyk rants about the new youth culture that will be created in this time of war and societal/political/economic chaos and investigates the crackpots who want to clone (in)famous persona such as Saddam, Lady Di, Hitler, Lenin and Dracula, who in the age of Rael may just succeed …

Appearing quarterly

(--press release written by Jason Lubyk)

Cool graffiti from Blek la rat . . . via gmtPlus9 (a daily weblog from Osaka, Japan)

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I have recently been investigating the mysteries of Incunabula.

I suggest you do the same.

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