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"Very funny"--Cory Doctorow of BoingBoing, speaking of this spec Simpsons script

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"Man oh man, 'Dr. Menlo.' Now there's an alternative blog. Kindness to animals, Seattle anarchists, nudism galore, SubGenius, anti-Bush black propaganda, jeez louise, Doc, that thing sure is happenin'."
--Bruce Sterling, Schism Matrix

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"Dr. Menlo is one smart guy, with a sharp eye for images sacred, profane, and in between. Sometimes the doctor riffs on them, sometimes he leaves you to connect the dots."
-- Killing the Buddha

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Tony chases Eris and his own personal Buddha-kin from the icy outer reaches of the Yukon.

"Ye fucking gods!! Are you nuts!? Those Jesuit bastards will eat you alive!"
--Hunter S. Thompson, to me, circa '93

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Yesterday, on the walk to work here in Seattle, a black SUV cut me off as I was making my way down the sidewalk. Now, unless the vehicle is driven by an obviously old lady, if I have the right of way as a pedestrian and a vehicle gets so close in front of me that I can touch it, I will do one of two things:

a). I will kick the vehicle, or,
b). I will punch the vehicle.

This one was so close I gave it a good punch, resulting in a satisfying thud. The SUV pulls around and stops. An asian lady in the passenger seat: "What the FUCK is your problem?" The man in the driver seat said nothing.

"I had right of way." I said, easily.

"We were waiting five minutes!" she said. I gave them the ole' east coast cup and squeeze the groin motion with the simultaneous smirk and turned and went on my way.

Ah, nothing like a nice shot of adrenaline to get you started in the morning . . .

Courtney Love Turns Labor Leader

I am an ass.

A writer: an ass in the glass.

(sorry for the hiatus; Dr. Menlo: presently sharpening pens.)

The Wonderful World of Treehouses . . . see Jimwich, the Inimitable.

Treesitters Attacked by Lumber Company

Blort: Contains Nudity.

BUILDING A BETTER BRAIN . . . via Mita, the poet.

"We are soon to be entering the Age of the Brain."
--Copernicus Grape

Shared Experience Cancer Support Knowledgebase

Terry Halsey writes:

"I've got a narrowly focused site collecting first-hand accounts of cancer patients and their loved ones in an open searchable listing. Most people leave their email addresses so its become a nexus for folks to get in touch with each other.

"Hoping you might find a way to mention it (hopefully as an example of what SHOULD be happening on the Net...I have repeatedly contacted Amer Cancer Society, OncolInk, Johns Hopkins, and all the other big cancer sites, and not only will they not link to me, they won't even setup something similar themselves)."

. . . I couldn't have said it better myself, Terry.

Institute and Museum of History of Science in Florence, Italy . . . courtesy of The Exploratorium's Ten Cool Sites for June

The Satellite Sisters present: The Mammogram Van, includes "Knocking Down the Walls (without knocking down the marriage)":

"Though the stress of remodeling can strain a relationship, Alexa the Tarotmancer and her husband, writer Tom Robbins, think it should be an adventure. But before you do it, Tom suggests that you 'go on a trip where it's hot and there is no air-conditioning and the rooms are tiny and the beds are hard and perhaps there is some guerilla activity.' After that, remodeling's a breeze. Go to our boards and tell us about how remodeling has affected your relationship."

Andrei Codrescu and Co. present: Revolution #9

on 5/16/01 8:00 PM, Cyber Corpse Editors at exquisitecorpse@codrescu.com wrote:


Our incredibly beautiful and severe webmistress, Andrea Garland, has baptized this issue REVOLUTION NO. 9. It's true. In addition to absolutely revolting items such as Willie Smith's SPIDER FUCK story, this issue contains a whole new section called ZOUNDS! You can now hear zounds produced by composers especially for the Corpse, as well as illustrative cuts accompanying music reviews. ZOUNDS!, the brainchild of Mark Spitzer and Plamen Arnoudov, solicits original musical work! If you are a composer, send us a piece! In this mega-issue, which we originally wanted to call THE MEGA-CORPSE, there are also new works by ROBERT CREELEY and ROBERT BLY, part of our ongoing series, GREAT ROBERTS. Neither have we fallen short in BROKEN NEWS, as Martin A. Lee follows closely the creepy resurrection of the ROTTEN CORPSE OF FASCISM. Our indefatigable exotic travelers have outdone themselves breaking the laws of several uptight countries to bring excitement to our readers: you. The noisy, shady and beast-filled forest of fiction and poetry groans with Spring friskiness in this issue. It would be an insult to our many complex, profound, and insurgent writers to call their work a gush of Spring. Nonetheless, this is what this issue contains: SPRING GUSH.

Dig it & write to to us:

Andrei Codrescu
for all of us

( . . . Now, wouldn't you like email like this? Well, you can--sign up for it here.)

I'm not in this one . . . but I didn't submit to this one, either . . . I do have pieces in the past that were not accepted by the Corpse, and plan to present them here, eventually . . . one is called "B&W Movie."

3 pieces I might submit for #10:

Hey Zeus! - Notes for the Play


And, I only have the first 2 lines to the next one, which I've been working on now for several months:


Public Readings . . . via randomWalks.
Like trainspotting, but with readers on subways . . . includes decription of reader, what they were reading, plus train and date.

riley dog: tres cool.

"FUCK the last two days have been some of the most amazing in my life.

"The news you are getting in NZ is probably CNN bullshit. The late King and family in Nepal have been a symbol for the people of being independent from imperalist rule for a start so that is partly why the grief is so immense. The kings brother has just now been crowned king and the people are uprising. The kings brother is much hated by nepalese people and activists alike. He was cast out from Nepal for corruption and went to live in India. The campaign agaisnt corruption is huge and the prime minister is also a target. So when the whole family (actually 13 people) were massacred the govt blamed the crown prince saying he shot everyone and then himself. No one believed this. Now the govt says it was an accident. Fuck sorry if this is crazy but I am typing hard out we are under threat from the army who are everywhrere. So essentially the kings brother arranged for his son to kill everyone so he could be king. The people are not accepting him and there are riots everywhere . . . "

The FCC Between These Thighs

Blood, by Sarah Jones

" . . . before cushioned insoles and arch supports

there were feet that sank in rusted chains

backs that cracked beneath the weight of slave names

like Jones, Smith, Johnson, Williams, or even
Hilfiger . . . "

" . . . Jones wowed the audience and shed light on sexist laws in France, India, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, the United States and Uruguay. Jones sympathetically and powerfully portrayed women from these countries testifying before the United Nations about the need to change these laws, which focused on issues such as 'honor killings,' marital rape and female genital mutilation."

Equality Now

India: A 10-year-old girl is rescued by a flight attendant who notices her crying. Her father has sold her to the 60-year-old Saudi Arabian man sitting next to her for the equivalent of US$240.

Kenya: At a boarding school, 300 boys attack the girls' dormitory. Seventy-one girls are raped. Nineteen are trampled to death in the stampede to escape. The school's vice principal remarks, "The boys never meant any harm against the girls. They just wanted to rape."

Photos by Nan Goldin

More Nan photos here . . .

. . . and here.

Alice Neel, American Painter (1900 - 1984)

Alice Neel @ the Philly Museum of Art, and the Whitney.

Renee Cox - Yo Mama

More Renee here.

Feminist Media Watch

"I think America is ready for a female lead who beats the shit out of everybody."
--William Gibson, Mondo 2000, 1989

Butt-Kicking Babes

Amores Perros would like to direct you to the present-day plight of dog fighting going on all around the world, including even in the U.S. Their website will direct you here.

People over at Fark, Memepool and Metafilter often like to take such scornful jibes at pro-animal groups like PETA.

As if a little compassion ever necessitated such scorn?

Fark also likes to criticize Europe for it's voting the U.S. recently out of it's Human Rights seat, even though Amnesty International repeatedly gives the U.S. low marks on it's yearly international human rights report--Fark links to an article titled as 'Europe whines about America' and categorizes the very idea as 'asinine', calls Joe McCarthy a 'National Hero,' and endlessly recycles a joke he must have found in Milton Berle's Big Book O' Yuks: "France surrenders." Perhaps next Fark will regale us with the ever witty: "I just flew in, boy are my arms tired."

Confidential to Fark: If you're still thinking in terms of country versus country, you might as well be giving your teenage daughter a hoola hoop for her birthday and telling her it's the latest thing.

PETA Benefit @ The Viper Room

Fav PlasticBoy quote: "Gaaah! Would someone please tell me why eating rat heads is gross but chewing cow ass is not? . . . "

Long Live PETA!

Pittura Metafisica . . . courtesy of another PETA-hater (see above).

I love appearing on websites written in another language other than my own.

Dr. Menlo embraces the international community!

Norman Solomon: "Globalization Hides Behind a Password" . . . the World Bank holds it's next meetings online to avoid fleshy protestors.

Well, what do ya know?--the opponents of Corporate Globalization (note: not just plain globalization)--also happen to organize primarily on the net--align meme-lines, not necessarily modes of action (btw, kudos to whoever thought up the teddy bear catapult idea) . . . One day, the avatars of pro-megalo-corporacy and anti-megalo-corporacy will meet in here and . . . ?

run to the fight.

Cinema Paradiso Lost

More on the Digital Video Hollywood Divide.

Sherman Alexie announced on KUOW the other day that he is releasing a film in DV next year . . . Well, my mind is made up--Dr. Menlo sides with DV.

"Visual Webloggers Make a Digital Leap with DV"

--via Future AP?

Would you like to see a movie by Dr. Menlo? ( . . . I plan to make one in Seattle within 3 years.)

Such a nice design, this Textism, sort of a classic Italian with a mad dash of cucumber.

Ariel moves to her own domain, and calls me her hero! Cool!

The Palestine Poster Project . . . courtesy of Jake's Page.

I found Jake's Page via Robot Wisdom, who has put several of the blogs which signed up in support of the Israel-divestment campaign on his much-coveted front page, me included. Thanks, Jorn!

Hello to interact, Web-Seitz, Jake's Page, After the Rain, methylsalicylate, presurfer, Yardsale's Blog, Affinity, Sticky Buffalo and the recently redesigned and always ubercool The Web Today! . . . who links us to Jewish Settlers take hill outpost in West Bank.

You know, I think in many ways retired New England schoolteacher and current co-proprietor Tom, of Beatty's Used Books down on Third in Seattle, really sez it best: hands outstretched, palms up, shoulders shrugging and eyebrows danglin': "It's their land." Meaning the Palestinians . . .

Fred Lapides recently linked to an article about Jews in New York City protesting the settlements, and I was also pleased to hear that even on NPR (National Pentagon Radio?), reports were surfacing that even in Israel the public support for the settlers was dwindling . . . Dr. Menlo: "Israeli 'settlers' are nothing more than obnoxious fundamentalist assholes, and you can tell them I said so."

Solar Panels Could Turn 'Fog City' Into 'Sun Francisco'

Welcome to American Solar Energy Society . . . courtesy of Kebbie.

Upon entering the White House back in 1980, Ronald Reagan immediately had the solar panels taken off the White House roof that Jimmy Carter had installed there. In 20 years, how far have we come?

Solar Buzz

Blogged Down in the PR Machine . . . yours truly making a cameo under the phrase 'starkly surreal' . . .

Aforementioned article also sparked: Dealing with Blogers . . . (spelling theirs).

The Dalai in Cali

I love that guy.

Killing the Buddha presents:

Advertising Allah

"The idea of 'killing the Buddha' comes from a famous Zen line . . . "

BIG THANKS to Amanda for her generous support in keeping this website open!

(A teen boy told her she looked like Jennifer Love Hewitt last year and I don't have any scanned-in pics of Amanda, so . . . )

Hey Amanda, how'd you get so foxy, anyway?

I love you, baby!!!

The Fantasy World of Maurice Sendak

"If I have an unusual gift, it is not that l draw particularly better or write particularly better than other people -I've never fooled myself of that. Rather, it's that I remember things other people don't recall: the sounds and feelings and images -the emotional quality of particular moments in childhood."

Sendak: Winner of a 1996 National Medal of Arts

Sendak on Getting Kids To Read

"I think children who are hugged, and children who are held on laps--nice, yummy laps--will always associate reading with the bodies of their parents.... When you not only hear a treasured story, but also are pressed against the most wonderful person in the world, a connection is made that cannot be severed."

Sendak on the Childhood Books He Remembers
"I've devoted my life to those other freaky kids who lick, sniff, and carry on over their books before they even read them."

Maurice Sendak: American Master . . . includes short video.

Wanna book Maurice Sendak to come give a talk to you?

The Garlic Information Centre

Garlic Art

Bon Appetit: 12 Ways With Roasted Garlic

Arundhati Roy on the threat of Nuclear Weapons.

Arundhati Roy on Equal Rights and Dignity.

Arundhati Roy on the Narmada dam project.

"I lost my heart at Arundhati Roy."--Copernicus Grape

Meet William Fields, who runs an impressive new blog which currently defies my descriptive ability . . . just go check it out.

(p.s.: If I was 6'2 I'd put my height under my picture, too, but I'm not so I won't. Let's just say I'm taller than Al Pacino . . . I need a new picture, too. I got mine in this little machine next to the Fred Myers at Broadway Market on Capitol Hill, where I presently reside . . . )

Oldham Riots: Media Hypocrisy & Police Lies

Indivisible: Stories of American Community . . . courtesy of Kebbie.

Of all of the people who are kind enough to send me nice words and links on a regular occasion, none are so prolific as Kevin Goheen, pictured here with his lovely wife, Becky (and Spot, left, plus Buck, right). Kevin, also known as "Kebbie," works as a union electrician hailing from the "Hoosier Riviera." Unfortunately, I am not as prolific as Kebbie and have not been able to keep up with all of his wonderful links, so here are the latest handful:

The Evolution of the Conservation Movement, 1850-1920

Writers' Guidelines Database

Kebbie writes: "Richard, it is a natural fit, Mr. Gates, Pigs. Later K."

Microsoft admits prize program was 'stupid'


EmpowerWeb - The political resource supersite


The Dumb Network

BuzzFlash Report


Welcome to Color Matters - Table of Contents

New Scientist: Time twister

House_n Home of the Future Research Resources Home Page

The Disclosure Project Homepage


Adbusters: Fools Fest

Macinstein's Mac Only Search Engine

Smithsonian Journeys: Ghost Towns by Night Light

OFF BALANCE: Youth, Race & Crime in the News

UCSB Center For Research in Electronic Art Technology (CREATE)

Dr. Menlo is proud to be a friend of the Labor Sector.

Thanks, Kebbie!

Johnny Depp and Hunter S. Thompson at the Viper Room . . . courtesy of q u i d d i t y (quiddity courtesy of ghost rocket).

Hunter S. was one of my first mentors in my younger years, and my debt to him is enormous.

Ghost Rocket also leads me to TIDEPOOL: News for the Rain Forest Coast . . . which is where I presently live, more or less.

Viva La Booby Liberation Organization!, newly hatched . . . courtesy of Obscure Store.

Sensual Liberation Army approves.

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